The temperature tomorrow in Tel Aviv will be 75 degrees.  Keep this in mind for later - it becomes important.

On Monday night I played at a fundraiser for ImprovBoston.  When I say “played,” I mean it - it was a tremendously fun reunion of my mighty two-man sketch dynamo “The Irwin Smalls Trio,” and the whole night was terrific.

Except for this one moment.  Some comedian - and I’m 98% sure it was the great Tony V - said “Happy Holidays” to the crowd.  And one guy, out in the audience off towards stage right… booed.  That’s right, a guy booed “Happy Holidays.”  Swear to god.

Most of the crowd was perplexed.  Even among East Coast, hyper-informed Boston comedy fans, there are not all that many people who live inside the bubble of the Hatfield-McCoy Appalachia that is cable news. In fact, if the reason for the booing was readily apparent to you, be warned - you’re inside that bubble.

Tony handled it beautifully, and used the moment to segue into a great riff about Christmas. I’d be willing to bet that he’d run up against it before.

“It” is the new, virulent anger against the idea of saying “Happy Holidays” - which is to some people as horrifying and awful as some commie trying to sneak a “Season’s Greetings” by you - which is in turn as bad as a hearty, happy “Fuck Jesus!” apparently.  It’s a sign that you hate Christmas and Christianity and the Constitution and the principles that our nation was founded upon.  It’s a sign that you hate America, just like the President of the United States. Continue reading this entry »

Two Rear Gear doggie butt covers, one drunken 4-year-old…

And an old git in a political party!

Merry everything FA peeps.


Sister Susie

Ladies and gentlemens, I apologize for the long radio silence.  But I return with joyous tidings.  Please welcome my niece, Cordelia Evelyn Holland.


Delia and her mom (and her dad and her brother and in fact all of us…) are doing just great.  More soon, ‘promise.


Nightmare fuel.


In the trailer for Mario Kart: The Movie check out my kid as Baby Mario in a two-second role of a lifetime.*

*The role of a lifetime paid naught but unlimited pretzels on set, which I think is pretty impressive, actually.  Who needs unions — feh! Related: My dog Stan recently appeared in a new Atom original video.  Almost everyone in my home under 35 pounds is a star.  Private to Spielberg: My parakeet is ready for his close-up.

My brother Adam is currently depleting the ozone layer while scarfing down tomato juice and vodka flying back to Los Angeles as I type this. So allow me to fill the void he’s left down here on the ground with awesome blogtainment!

Cindy McTVfan

Last night while hanging with Adam at our ancestral homestead on Long Island I was working my dayjob’s twitter feed, mining it using search terms, when I stumbled upon a rather enthusiastic viewer who happened to be Senator John McCain’s wife.

The story of Cindy McCain watching teevee and name checking our network last night is here.

What I can add to what you’ll find at the link above is that Adam helped verify this was really THE Cindy faster than a hummingbird’s fart by finding an interview with Missus McCain on Real Clear Politics.

And then… Continue reading this entry »

There is an Edith Layton Memorial, Fundraiser, and Giveaway you can get involved in, thanks to the terrific ladies at Dear Author and Smart Bitches.

Click either link to find out more, and by all means, help get the word out there.


One of the reasons for the lack of action around here can now be revealed, and I’m afraid it’s not one of those fun reasons…

My mother, Edith Felber, also known as the author Edith Layton, died early Tuesday, before dawn. She’d been fighting cancer rather secretly but determinedly for quite some time. And only very recently did the disease gain the upper hand.

You can find a wonderful tribute, with her friends and fans sharing their experiences of her right here.

Those of us who knew her by her third name, “Mom,” (or as she liked to style it on this site, “Old Mother Felber”) know that we’ve lost a beautifully unique, strong woman whose talent and wit was matched by a fierce, proud, unshakeable love for her children, her late husband, and -of course - her doggies.


We’ll be heading to New York in moments, but feel free to share thoughts or condolences right here.

This real and really bizarre news from the Food and Drug Administration was the perfect excuse to exploit my adorable nephew (pictured) and his dad (that Adam dude, my brother) in an original slap dash video effort here on my day job’s blog.  Enjoy!

Happy addict

1)  My friend Chris Deluca, of “What Sucks?” fame just had his very own television program debut on SpikeTV, “MoCap, LLC.”  If you’ve ever wondered what life is like inside the fast-paced world of third-tier videogame motion capture companies (and who hasn’t?), well, your show has finally arrived.

2)  My friend Christian Finnegan will be releasing his first DVD next month, “Au Contraire!”  See Christian dazzle (parts of) America with his consummate standup skills.  It will be full of laughs, chills, and a voiceover cameo by yrs. trly. on one of the Extras.

3) My friend Edgardo (above) has just released a new virus.  I can’t pretend to have any involvement with this, nor can I really recommend it to anyone.  But he’s a friend, and if you’re looking for something new and infectious, well, this definitely qualifies.